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Draconic News
8-08-14, 1:01pm: Internet connection problems
Draconic's internet connection is having some sort of problem with the line that the phone company can't come take a look at till at least Thursday. Until then, the site is often running slowly and is sometimes unreachable. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: Verizon has to repair something in equipment on a phone pole that's on someone else's land, so they're waiting for permission to enter private property. They were supposed to give an updated ETA but never called. Hopefully things will be fixed early this week. Update 2: The connection was fixed on Wednesday.

5-28-14, 1:41pm: Draconic's new IP
The new IP will be and that new IP should become active Monday morning.

If the web site stops loading for you on Monday, try loading

If that loads a message saying "This site can not be loaded by IP address", then the site is up under the new IP. If the connection times out without loading any page, then the site is still not available at either IP and you'll just have to wait.

Unfortunately you can't use the site by its IP address. Instead, wait 5 minutes. Close your browser, then try again. If it still won't load, restart your computer. Restart your router, DSL modem, and/or cable modem as well since they will often cache DNS entries.

If it still won't work, then your DNS servers are caching the old IP for longer than they should. You can either just wait (a few hours will probably do it for most people), or you can click here for how to add a local DNS override to your hosts file. Add this line to your hosts file, save, then restart your browser:

Add a reminder to your calendar to remove that line from your hosts file in a few days or if/when the IP ever changes again, you won't be able to access the site because your hosts file will force you to use the wrong IP.

This IP change will also apply to but you should be able to connect to IRC directly using the new IP if you need to.

Remember, these instructions won't be accessible on the web site if the web site is down so be sure to save them somewhere.

5-28-14, 10:09am: Draconic is changing IPs
Apparently the local hardware host for Draconic's DSL is going bankrupt so the ISP needs to move us to a different facility. This will require changing our IP address. I don't know what the new address will be yet, but I will post another announcement when I do. The change should happen in 3-5 business days. The web site will definitely go down for some period while they move the connection. It could be a short down time or a long one if they have technical difficulties.

For some people, your DNS servers will continue to resolve to the old IP even after I change the main DNS entry. I've temporarily changed the main entry to tell other DNS servers to request a refresh every 5 minutes, but not all servers will honor that, so it could take a few hours or maybe even days for the local DNS servers of some of you to get updated with the new IP address. Keep an eye out for what the new IP is and I'll try to include instructions for how you might temporarily work around problems with local DNS caching the old IP.

10-16-11, 9:54am: Memorial
Athus Nadorian, aka Brian Dyer, passed away on Tuesday the 11th of October 2011 after a car accident. I just found out.

Athus is one of the earliest scalies I knew. One of the few who still felt close even after long periods of separation. He was definitely one of the kindest and most loving dragons I knew. May he find a place amongst the waves and wind again.

His friends have created a memorial to this sea dragon at

- KaniS

12-22-09, 11:17pm: News changes
News has been changed such that only System and Dragon announcements will appear for anyone not logged on. The option to email new news if requested has been implemented (this is the first news that will be emailed - older news will not). New members are now required to set their news preferences when they first log on in order to choose what they will see. That also means that old members are required to set their preferences, and I apologize that the system will call you a "new member" when you go through that process. =)
9-06-08, 12:56am: Olympic dragons
I actually didn't watch much of the olympics... Not into sports. But I did open Google one day to see the ping pong playing dragon. He's so cute! Later, a friend pointed me to all the Google olympic logos, and there's a few cute dragons.
There were also dragons in the commercials, and some beautiful birds as well.
What I thought was even cooler was at the end of the closing ceremonies, during the credits on NBC, there was a familiar song... I thought it was Jurassic Park for a moment and then it struck me... it was from Dragonheart! You can hear it here.
11-06-07, 10:36pm: Time fixed
I've corrected the daylight saving start/end dates on the web server and set it to syncronize with an atomic clock, so it should no longer keep slipping gradually away from the correct time.
7-16-07, 11:46am: Downtime due to Network Solutions Incompetence
Draconic appeared to be down for most people from Sat morning till sometime Mon because Network Solutions is incompetent. Since NS charges twice as much as most other registrars, I moved to about six months ago and have been happy with their service. So, I recently requested that be moved as well, and I then realized I had to change the DNS servers to something other than the ones NS hosts. I made that change, and it appeared to work, saying the change would take 24 hours. After 24 hours, my DNS servers were not changed as I requested, but NS stopped hosting my DNS! Therefore, could not be resolved to its IP address. I sent a support request to NS and got a useless form letter response back from them about 27 hours later (they said they'd respond in under 24). By that point, NS had finally released the domain to the control of and I fixed it easily from their end. So much for NS's claim that they provide superior customer service for their expensive rates. In less time than NS took to respond, I've gotten two lengthy, helpful, personalized responses from Tigertech support.
12-20-06, 10:25am: Reporting forum posts
I fixed the "Report post to moderator" link in the forums. Please remember to use that link whenever you see a post that's breaking forum rules (especially people who are picking fights). That helps notify our moderators to take action quickly when they don't have time to constantly read the forums. Thanks!
12-12-06, 9:10am: PHP conversion finished
I've finished converting all ASP code to PHP. The new PHP pages have the new nav bar and updated look of the rest of the site. You'll mainly see the difference in the links section. I've made all pages look better on the Opera browser (my favorite), and the font size is probably a little smaller in many places. Please email if you see any new errors or if something has become hard to read or displays incorrectly.

12-16-06 update: I changed the default font everywhere to Verdana and cleaned up the look of some additional pages, including the main menu. A lot of the admin pages have been cleaned up and some functionality added. The link checker was fixed so most links don't say "site appears to be down" anymore. A lot of links still need to be rated, if you're so inclined. Emailed replies to posts now use CSS to color the body text white, which I assume will work in more email clients (like mine).

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