Est. Jan 1998, Draconic is, by our estimates, the largest community of otherkin dragons on the internet, serving 46 unique members this past month alone.

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2-01-97, 12:00am: LookSmart's Editor's Choice award
Updated links section. Links page received LookSmart's Editor's Choice award.
12-15-96, 12:00am: Snappy! section and updates
Added Snappy! section. Added more humorous bits to the programming page. Replaced Sable's Childhood with Sable in Person. Made small modifications to text on a couple other pages and increased contrast between text and certain backgrounds.
11-09-96, 12:00am: Links page update
Put up majorly updated Dragon Links page compiled by The Dragon De Monsyne. Modified background to make foreground more readable.
1-01-96, 12:00am: KaniS gets a job
KaniS gets a job and doesn't have time to do much of anything with his web page. =(
11-27-95, 12:00am: Server push
Added Netscape server push animated preview of 256 color animated dragon cursors found on the programming page.
11-22-95, 12:00am: Dragon Links form support
Added more links and form support to the dragon links page. Added new picture to misc section of my art page.
11-13-95, 12:00am: Kilroy Moot's Devotronic Bandbox
Linked to Kilroy Moot's Devotronic Bandbox, my first web toy. I told you to watch out.
11-11-95, 12:00am: Revision page alerts
Returned to default colors on text based pages so people with Netscape in low color modes wouldn't have problems with dithering noise. Added URL-minder support to automatically E-mail users when this revision page changes.
11-10-95, 12:00am: KaniS learns how to use C for cgi scripting
Linked 'go away' with URouLette. KaniS also realizes he can program web toys in C, his native language. Now he's even more dangerous!
11-09-95, 12:00am: KaniS learns Perl
KaniS learns the basics of Perl and programs his first web toy. Watch out for a bunch off annoying new gadgets on his page in the near future! >=)

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