Est. Jan 1998, Draconic is, by our estimates, the largest community of otherkin dragons on the internet, serving 46 unique members this past month alone.

Draconic News
Latest news
4-07-98, 12:00am: Funny programming
Added a new funny programming bit to the programming section.
4-05-98, 12:00am: Find a Dragon is complete
Find a Dragon is complete and ready for use.
3-21-98, 12:00am: Backup DNS
Backup DNS is definitely working now, and a system is now watching the site that will page me within half an hour if it goes down.
2-22-98, 12:00am: Silly computer things
Added more silly computer things to the programming section.
2-13-98, 12:00am: All old links entered into new database
Finally finished adding all the links sent in to my old page. From now on, all new links will be added/described/categorized by those that add them and rated by member votes.
2-01-98, 12:00am: Art page animation links fixed
Fixed links to animations from my art page so you can actually download them now. Also added two large new collections to the Snappy! gallery and scans of the original asian Pern covers to the More dragons section.
1-31-98, 12:00am: Link bugs fixed
Fixed some bugs in Dragon Links and added navigation to the bottom of the links list. I'm also about halfway through reviewing and adding links for sites that were mailed in to me before the database system was designed. I added a couple new link categories and recategorized some sites into them.
1-11-98, 12:00am: Draconic is born.
Changes include (those I remember) new layout/look of entire site, the ability to create Draconic accounts, a new database driven dragon links section with broken links dropped and corrections to descriptions of many remaining sites, some new artwork on logon, logoff, title pages, new layout for the Gallery (same content), new pictures/text in the Art section, new programming jokes in the Programming section, and I added the First Visit section as a sort of mission statement.
8-06-97, 12:00am: Links page updated again
The links page has again been updated by The Dragon De Monsyne. Yay!
4-11-97, 12:00am: Maur the dragon solved
Finally someone told me how to get past Maur the dragon. The solution is now on the links page. Sable In Person also now contains a link to another dragon kinda like myself.

Older news...

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