Est. Jan 1998, Draconic is, by our estimates, the largest community of otherkin dragons on the internet, serving 46 unique members this past month alone.

Draconic News
Latest news
12-19-98, 12:00am: Tree view added to forums
Added tree list of messages a message is a reply to when you view the message.
12-09-98, 12:00am: Set date of new posts
Added ability to set the date of messages marked as new to discussions.
12-08-98, 12:00am: Find a Dragon updates
Changed data input of month and year in Find a Dragon to pulldown menus to limit confusion and invalid data entry. Added option to delete your profile from Find a Dragon.
7-11-98, 12:00am: Chat system added
Added a chat system. Added a new discussions section for posting images and music using a new ability to upload files for inclusion in discussion posts. Moved Draconic to a new (hopefully more stable) faster machine.
6-18-98, 12:00am: Birth of a Dragon updated
Put up a greatly revised version of Birth of a Dragon.
6-02-98, 12:00am: Forums released
Draconic Forums are now up and operational.
5-25-98, 12:00am: FLIC formatted animations
Changed format of all my FLIC animations to zip instead of gzip for easier access for more people. Also added instructions on how to use the FLIC player available for download (nobody told me it didn't have documentation).
4-28-98, 12:00am: Merlin screenshots
Added dragon screenshots from the recent TV movie Merlin to the Snappy! section of the Gallery.
4-25-98, 12:00am: FF7 screen shots
Added more Final Fantasy VII screen shots to the Snappy! section of the Gallery.
4-08-98, 12:00am: New poem
Added a new poem to the poetry section.

Older news...

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