Est. Jan 1998, Draconic is, by our estimates, the largest community of otherkin dragons on the internet, serving 46 unique members this past month alone.

Draconic News
Latest news
4-25-00, 12:00am: New art page picture
Added a new picture, Portrait of Nauta Sinneau, to the bottom of the Art page.
2-12-00, 12:00am: Find a Dragon updates
New features added to Find a Dragon, incl. search by name/location and ability to upload pictures.
2-07-00, 12:00am: New forum
Draconic Projects discussion board added.
11-28-99, 12:00am: Draconic downtime
Draconic is back after a long unintended down time thanks to a horrible ISP known as Flashcom.
8-14-99, 12:00am: Auto e-mail password added
Added ability to automatically e-mail you your password if you forget it.
7-12-99, 12:00am: Another forum
Draconic Stress Relievers discussion board added.
5-14-99, 12:00am: New forums
Council of Zxizar and Language and Culture discussion board topics added.
3-27-99, 12:00am: HTML chat replaced by IRC
Replaced the HTML chat system with a Java portal into the Draconic IRC network.
1-30-99, 12:00am: DV300 section added
Added a DV300 section to the Gallery featuring movies and stills captured from Panzer Dragoon 1, 2, and 3 using my new digital video capture equipment.
1-08-99, 12:00am: Automatic Links Database checking
You can now delete your profile from Find a Dragon. A new automated program now checks each link in the Dragon Links Database daily and marks it as broken if it fails to connect or receives a page not found code. Links found down for too long are no longer displayed.

Older news...

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