Est. Jan 1998, Draconic is, by our estimates, the largest community of otherkin dragons on the internet, serving 46 unique members this past month alone.

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7-23-02, 12:00am: More Forums changes
You may notice a few subtle changes to Discussions, like being able to click the topic as well as the "Message List" button, having an E-mail Replies checkbox when you make a post instead of having to go find the message to click E-mail Replies after you post it, and when you view posts in expanded view it will now "remember" the view you chose until you leave the board entirely. You can also set defaults for these last two things in the message board preferences section.
Also, 40% of users liked the idea of a link beneath each post to report signatures which are too large. That link is now available. Don't be afraid to click it and compare the signature size against some example signatures that will be shown to see if it's really too large. To make things clearer, you can also find these example images by clicking a link near where you enter your signature. 3% of users were against this idea completely, while 14% would support it if signature size limits were increased. 28% of users supported a similar idea to limit signature size, which means total support for some type of signature control was actually 68%.
Note that if you're a discussion board host or other type of admin, reporting a signature will cause it to be removed immediately instead of waiting for a few reports to come in.
7-11-02, 12:00am: Forums signatures and other updates
You can now use table tags in your Discussion board posts and especially signatures. Remember to keep your signatures to 150 pixels tall or less! You can use the new table tags to more easily place any text in your signature to the left or right of the image to save on height. I see so many people ignoring this rule (which was voted into effect awhile back) that I'm considering ways of further enforcing it. See the vote to the right for two possible ideas.
If you're wondering just how big 150x400 pixels is, here's what it looks like:

I think that's plenty large, personally. Any larger and you start just seeing the signature and not the post.
Also, someone found problems with the hotspots on some of the animated mouse cursors which are now fixed. Just re-download them. I also changed the names of the files to make them more consistent.
6-23-02, 12:00am: Dragon mouse cursors updated
I've updated the dragon mouse cursors to have the correct hotspot on win2k and winxp, as well as making animated gifs so you can see what they look like before downloading them. If you're using these cursors, or haven't heard of them before, check them out here. Hrm... My copy of IE 6 isn't making the animated gifs move unless I reload the page…
6-20-02, 12:00am: Find a Dragon proposed changes
I've posted a list of proposed changes to Find a Dragon. Please take a look and talk about anything you think is missing, or about anything you don't like about the suggested changes.
6-12-02, 12:00am: Eye of the Dragon
Oooo, playable demo of a new dragon game! Click here for the homepage, or here to download the demo off Draconic. This game seems rather slow and hard to play at first, but here's a couple hints to make it more exciting. First, click an icon in the lower right to change from follow camera to dragon camera, so that when you attack the camera doesn't move behind you and make it hard to see what you're attacking. You might also like the dragon eye camera. Second, use the slider in the lower right to change the time speed to 90% or higher, so things move at a faster pace. Check out this interview with the game's creator. What he says is neat. I don't plan to play this much until they release the real game, but if you have any more tips, feel free to e-mail me.
6-01-02, 12:00am: Back to college
Well, summer is here, and that means free time (I'm back in college, BTW =b ). So, I'd like to get at least one major thing done on Draconic. Go ahead and vote for what you think is most important on the right.
8-30-01, 12:00am: New voting ability
Finished voting functionality and placed the first vote on the main menu.
7-20-01, 12:00am: More changes
I keep forgetting to update this page as I make changes. The changes I remember making include revamping the Links Database, revamping the main menu, fixing bugs, making registration require approval by our staff, and changing the logon system to expire your logon after 6 hours.
9-07-00, 12:00am: Forum searching added
Added the ability to search discussions for posts containing keywords. Added issues section.
5-07-00, 12:00am: Java IRC client updated
The ApIrc Java chat client has been fixed to work with the "/me" command and unnecessary options have been removed from its logon window. Also made many improvements to discussion boards, including collapsed/expanded/new views, seperating posts into recent and archive groups, ability to skip through multiple pages or dates of posts, etc.

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