Est. Jan 1998, Draconic is, by our estimates, the largest community of otherkin dragons on the internet, serving 46 unique members this past month alone.

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12-28-03, 12:56pm: Lost mail
If you sent e-mail to or since the 22nd, it may have been lost, so please send those e-mails again. Account requests should not have been affected.
12-18-03, 6:01pm: News and Logon system
The home page and logon systems have been converted to PHP. Please report bugs to

There is a new news system in place. News is broken into different color-coded categories with the last 10 shown on the main menu (you can view older news with a link at the bottom). News you haven't seen yet is shown when you log on. Click News Prefs on the main menu to choose which categories of news you want to see on logon and on the main menu. You can also choose to have news e-mailed to you, but that feature is not yet implemented.

12-14-03, 9:15am: Draconic guild created
Woot! They finally fixed it so I could create KaniS in Horizons. So, Draconic is running a Horizons guild on the server called "Life". Contact KaniS, Silowyi, or Ryoken to join (you can use the Player window to add our names and see when we're online). The guild is called "Otherkin Alliance" by popular vote and guild leader preference. It is open to otherkin of any race, and a central goal is to be helpful and friendly (Ie. _not_ play Istarian dragons as arrogant) and have fun together. This will not be a big powerleveling guild with lots of competition and struggles to reach high level content. If you want that, there are certainly other guilds you can join. See the two threads in the announcement below for more info.
12-14-03, 9:00am: Watch for bugs in Forums messages
The page that lists messages in the Forums has been converted to php (messages.php). Let me know of any bugs you find.
12-07-03, 12:01pm: Draconic Horizons guild
The new MMORPG called Horizons is set to be released Dec 9th. I'm trying to see if there is enough interest to form a small guild of otherkin dragons from Draconic. To learn more about the game, visit this thread. To express interest in the guild or talk about it, check this thread instead.
12-07-03, 12:00pm: New Forum and FAD zip code database
The new forum for discussing dragons in popular culture is up, hosted by Taren who was voted as host by a 47% to 33% to 18% margin. Spam away!

Also, big thanks to Silowyi for sending me a database of latitude/longitude coordinates corresponding to U.S. zip codes. You can now enter your U.S. zip in Find a Dragon to find your lat/lon. If anyone has postal code databases for other areas of the world, especially Canada and Europe, please let me know.

11-22-03, 12:01pm: Find a Dragon map, Forums images now thumbnailed
PHP is so cool... I searched around on the web for some sample code and in about 20 mins I threw together a world map that plots the locations of all the dragons who've given their Lat/Lon coordinates! I've thought this would be so cool to have for so long, and here it only takes 20 mins with PHP and a well-written tutorial... You can view the map here.
If you haven't already found your Lat/Lon and put it in the system, do it! Surprisingly few people have bothered (only 112 out of thousands of profiles), even though the Lat/Lon fields have been in there for over 2 years. I'm hoping this map will give people more reason. If I see the interest, I'll definitely improve the functionality. Right now it's really just a quick test. As for all the points in the ocean, I think those are people writing in bad coordinates rather than plotting errors.
The Forums message posting system has also been converted to PHP, so be on the lookout for bugs.
While I converted it I also got into re-doing the file uploading system such that you can now choose to include posted images as thumbnails. Image types that are not viewable on all browsers (like BMP and ART) are no longer allowed to be included. Other, non-image file types, now show up as a hyperlink to the file instead of trying to use the embed tag on the file. This allows files other than music to be uploaded, and I think it makes more sense for music as well since trying to embed and play more than one song doesn't work too well.
11-01-03, 12:00am: Find a Dragon is up for beta testing!
The new Find a Dragon is up for beta testing! Check it out at the link above. The main parts that are not yet complete are the Open search and the preferences section which will include things like e-mailing you new matches and reminding you to keep your e-mail up to date. I have two midterms this monday and then a GRE test to study for on the following Saturday, so it could be a while before I can finish those final features. For now, please test, fill out all the new questions (you can't view matches till you answer the new questions), and enter your latitude and longitude in your profile so I can have more data to test with.
Summary of what's new: New look and feel - looks much more professional (I think). Matches are now based on a weighted affinity system. Each type of relationship has its own set of questions with appropriate weights. New types of relationships added. You may now choose different criteria for each type of relationship (I.e. you can choose to care about the religion of a spiritual mentor but not of casual friends). Results are now displayed in individually sortable columns. Results are calculated once and then cached so paging through them or re-sorting is fast. Much nicer look for profile view. Support for non-dragon profiles (but they won't be found when matching). You can view a set of latest matches since you last visited. Pictures are now thumbnailed, so feel free to upload larger ones. E-mail address can now be hidden with messages sent to you via a HTML form. Alternate contact info can be entered. Everything is now database driven such that new questions or responses are easy to add. "Other" textboxes will let me find common responses to questions that should be added, as well as letting you see what a user meant when they chose "Other". Built in suggestion box. Lots of other smaller things…
10-02-03, 12:00am: Find a Dragon almost done
Update on Find a Dragon: After a few solid weeks of work, it's very close to being ready, but with school back in session, progress is painfully slow. Still, I'm hoping to have it ready in 2-3 weeks with most of the important features. Less essential features can then be added more slowly such that I can have some free time again. =b
9-21-03, 12:00am: Forum topics reorganized
The Discussion boards have been re-organized. They are now called "Forums" instead of "Discussions" (mostly because shorter names make for more screen real-estate). Learning to be Dragon has turned into the General Discussion board (since that's mostly what it ended up being used for). Draconic Stress Relievers has turned into Dragon Support Group, and takes on the intended purpose of the old Learning to be Dragon. Music has been moved from the visual art board to the stories and poetry board, because there's a lot of art but not as many stories, poems, or songs being posted. The remaining boards have been renamed, but maintain the same topics. Dragons in Literature, Council of Zxizar, and Language and Culture have each been retired. Their archives can still be accessed (recent posts can also be seen if you change ViewType from A to R in the URL when reading the board).
Also, I want to welcome Tresh as the new moderator for the Stories, Poetry, and Music forum. She won the vote by an impressive margin, and I'm sure she'll do a great job!

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