Dragon Poetry

It seems rather impossible to find good dragon poetry in mainstream literature. Maybe I just don't look hard enough... But luckily some of my friends or friends of friends are poets, and I must say, they're very good.

As One

Shadows slip over the land in silent waves
amidst a darkening world.
Beneath stars turning on one by one,
like black silver he moves across the skies.
Earth turns beneath his flight.
Down below, a Child of the Earth waits,
reaching through the great unseen,
anchoring her soul to his.
Glittering stars nestle into the bed of night,
over the shadowed form of a dragon's
never-ending soar into the heavens, Child of Earth on his back.
Jewels shine in his eyes, stars which kept him company
even as he searched the world for her. . .
never turning back. . .
Now they fly as one.

		--Jennifer Lynne Ellison

by _SeHT

A falling star catches and holds my gaze,
And as I watch it fall, a shadow covers the moon's bright face,
And as it flies back, re-crossing that celestial grove,
I see two great dragons, conjoined in love.

I watch their joy until I see them no more.
And as I walk home I feel my spirits soar;
I climb the stairs and prepare for bed;
Settling for sleep, I follow where my thoughts are led.

Flapping my wings, I feel myself rise,
As I move through the air, a child of the skies;
I feel my love's gentle presence there by my side,
And I smile, and allow her to be my guide.

Further on we fly, sliding gracefully through the sky,
Over valleys so deep and mountains so high;
Bright stars are above us, beneath lies the earth,
As we fly through the air, our inheritance from birth.

And there in the air we nuzzle and kiss,
And we two become one and we know only bliss
As we glide on together, I hers and she mine;
There is only us; there is no more Time.

And she is beneath me, my mate and my love,
Our necks softly twining in the passion of love;
My seed bursts within her in a joyous gout of flame,
I cry aloud in my love, she calls out my name -

And the dream is over and I am awake,
And I rub my tired eyes and a deep breath I take.
It can never be. But how real it all seems
As we fly, two dragon lovers, so deep in my dreams.

The Call of the Wind
by _SeHT

I turn my face to the wind
And it sings to me:
It sings of the things that it sees,
And of the places it has been,
And of the places itt is going;
It calls to me, and I listen,
For the call of the wind is strong.

Once I had wings to lift me,
To make me part of the wind's song;
I could fly for ever and a day,
Watching the land pass below,
A part of the wind, and yet apart...
Those days are long gone now,
But the call of the wind is strong.

And I turn my face into the wind
And stretch forth my arms as I did
So long ago, and imagine myself lifted
Into the air, and free again to fly
Where I wish, where I will;
But it is past, and I yearn for it,
For the call of the wind is strong.

One day I shall go down into the dust,
And what is left shall be scattered in the air,
To blow and roam with the currents
As they drift over the world.
And then shall I know freedom, and peace,
And I can rest then, welcomed again,
For the call of the wind is strong.

But for now I can only listen
As it draws my dragon heart,
And I wish that I could look up
And spread my wings, and be a part
Of the music of the wind, as it sings
Its song of forever, and forever,
For the call of the wind is strong...

Jonathan Martin aka Reweth is another dear friend of mine. He's a musician and surprised me with this song one day...

Song For Kystan

	Somewhere, somehow, sometime ago
	my friend, you'd wings to fly
	and in your noble Dracoform
	ruled paramount the sky

	You had an ordinary life
	you lived, and sang, and cried.
	You may have even found true love
	but somehow, there, you died.

	I know not how it came to pass
	that here you came to be.
	perhaps reincarnation is
	to blame for misery

	Is misery that which you feel
	when memories return
	to haunt you, of your better life
	your heart begins to burn

	with fleeting glimpses of a time
	when you were free to soar.
	Alas it now seems you you shall be
	earthbound, forevermore

	But don't despair, my fiery friend
	although your pain is real
	You're not alone, ther're others here
	who feel just what you feel

	For Oh! To be a dragon now
	A child of sun and sky
	I'd gladly give all earthly goods
	and let this body die

	I know that someday we will win
	our battle to be free
	of these, our worldly shackles;
	we need only find the key

	The key; it lies in all of us
	of this, my freind, I'm sure
	and looking forward to the day
	we're dragons... Evermore!

				-Jonathan C. Martin

  Cruel Imagination
On Not Being a Dragon

It's painful to imagine now
just what I'd like to be
For I see clearly anyhow
The lock; it has no key
No locksmith can unfasten it
with hammer, file or blade
The tool required for the job
I fear will ne'er be made.

Some people with a won'drous gift
Can show me yonder side
but sadly I shall never be
A dragon, bona fide

So if you mighty beasts of lore
would like a human meal
I offer up my humble self
to sate your hungry creel
Perhaps this way a part of me
may have a voice to sing
Its praises to your noble race:
Aloft on Dragon-wing...

                   - Jonathan C. Martin

                 Wisps of Smoke
              by Jonathan C. Martin

     Wherefore have I been plagued with lofty dreams
     that are so oft' beyond this mortal's reach?
     They never will be true it sometimes seems
     and sorrow threatens, this heart's walls, to breach
     It felt at times a foolish child's desire
     to feel the rush of wind beneath my wings,
     to challenge the Sun's fervour with my fire
     and with draconic voice make anthems ring
     Is it too much to hope that someday I
     through some means as yet unbeknownst may soar
     perchance to join those rulers of the sky
     and live with them as family evermore?
          I grow e'er certain that there is a way
          and I will seach for't past my dying day...

The Scaled Touch
1995 David Cooksey

Once I felt that the touch was strange,
A fleeting thought with soft edged bat wings.
Once I felt that the touch was  something to be feared,
An ignoble thought that weighed so much.

Once I flinched from the touch free given,
A silly thought and one unworthy.
Once I  flinched from the thought of the touch,
A silly thought...but true.

Once the touch happened, once it rose
A thought struck me like the clap of wings in air.
Once I thought to run....to hide,
And I learned the meaning of fear.

Once more the touch, it ignored my fear,
A soft sound as it found my hiding place.
Once the touch sought me out, 
It  simply refused to not be.

Once the touch of silvered scales,
A claw of ebon shining.
Once it reached out, and held nearbye.
Waiting for some response.

Once I reached out, lifting my hand to grasp at it
To gasp at it, as I found myself.
Once touching and being touched,
The touch was warm and somehow, smiling.

Once the touch of scale to skin,
I felt something give way inside.
Once the touch free given and free returned,
I realized something simple but seldom found.

Once..a touch touched me more
A thought woke somewhere, long denied.
Once the touch of scale on skin, whispered softly of caring
And it made me simply smile.

Forever the touch would remind me.
Forever the touch would free me
Forever the touch would please me
Forever the touch..and returned.

Slayers Doom:

He draws his sword of metal
The sound does strike great fear
And not another sound alive
Could the Dragon hear

He charges twords the mighty beast
His mission glory be
He cares not what the consequence
But that he gets his fee

The Dragon stands in self-defense
His strength does muster all
But is too late for elder one
The mighty Dragon falls

The knight believes his battle won
The Dragon hath been slain
But knight will never know
The honor of the Dragon's pain

The death does bring the money in
His own coffier be filled
Now never shall his hunger strike
He'll never feel the chill

But when death commeth to the knight
Eternal torture waits
While dragon, up above does live
Inside of heaven's gates.


Dragons of Night

Something in the dark came alive tonight
A dragon of some sort, made it's way into the light
Green and shiny
Long and windy
Eyes of gold
Truth untold
Elegantly through the air
The Dragon danced seemingly without a care
Toward me it came
Softly calling my name
Sprouting wings, taking to flight
Dancing with the Dragon into the night
To and fro, twisted and twirled
Beyond the clouds, into it's world
The Dragon sang me a riddle
A beginning, an end with no middle
It said I might understand some day
Wake it then said, and there I lay
Ceiling and walls
Doors and halls
Gently rubbing my head
I sat up in bed
Looking around
Darkness without sound
Thinking only of the riddle
A beginning, an end with no middle.

Slowly back to sleep I fell
Back to the depths of my mind to dwell
The Dragon said, "You misunderstood
the riddle, as I knew you would."
I slowly nodded my head
As I slept there in my bed
The Dragon looked at me and said, "Listen."
I looked at the Dragon noticing his eyes glisten
It said, "We existed once, but we all died."
"But you are here now.", I softly cried.
The Dragon smiled a toothy grin
As it wiped a tear from my chin.
The Dragon said, "You found me only because you believe,
Therefore you, I will not deceive."
"A beginning and an end with no middle,"
The Dragon stated, "wasn't even a riddle."
I sat there thinking
And suddenly I was blinded by a light and left blinking.
When I regained my sight
I realized the dragon and I were back in flight.
Looking down
I saw a small town
Huge fields also below
Lifting my head I saw mountains covered in snow.
"Where are we?", I asked.
The Dragon looked at me and said, "The past."
As I looked up into the sky of night,
I saw several other Dragons with us in flight.
Blue, Green, Yellow and Red
All of these Dragons were so beautiful in my head.
Then again we were on the ground
The other Dragons, us they did surround.
With a huge blazing fire in the middle
No one tended it, but it did not dwindle
Fat and thin, tall and short
They all looked different, even one with a wart.
One stepped forward, huge and red,
Towering over me, though I did not dread
Lowered his head, looking me in the eye.
Tilting his head a bit, he asked me, "Why?"
I felt a little faint from the smell of his breath
It was most putrid, and smelled of death.
Peering back into his eyes, I didn't move an inch.
This Dragon was untrusting, and could kill me with a pinch.
I said, "I believe in you, and am not a threat."
"Yes," he stated in reply, "or we never would have met.
You would have ended up a meal, or at least a tasty treat.
You having so little meat."
Some of the others did not approve
Voicing their opinions, yet did not move.
With a huge red Dragon in my face, I stood my ground. (And was rather proud.)
I inhaled a deep breath, looking him in the eye and said rather loud,
"I do not fear you," pointed at a few others, "nor you or you."
I finished my statement, "I am here because I believe, and love Dragons. That is true."
The red Dragon took a step back.
Raising up his head as if ready to attack.
Nodding his head, the other Dragons, me they did greet.
The Dragons then took a seat.
Sitting there they told me stories
Stories of defeats and glories.
In another bright flash,
We were all back in the sky, the fire mere ash.
These Dragons and I danced through the night air
Danced elegantly without a care.
I awoke from my dream
Or at least what it would seem.
The beautiful Dragons that sparkled and gleamed
I knew were real, not just something I had dreamed
My pillow, my friend comforting in the night
Offered me sleep, so I could take to flight.

                              -- Douglas Welty